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LeBron James on Lakers-Warriors: ‘What’s the rivalry? Between who?’

The arrival of LeBron James in Los Angeles to join the Lakers without question is a monumentally significant step in the iconic organization’s ongoing return to respectability and legitimacy.

James, however, is fully aware of the fact that the Lakers have far too much to prove before the team should be considered legitimate contenders for an NBA title.

The Lakers are set to face the defending champion Golden State Warriors in a preseason game on Wednesday night at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. And James is expected to be in the Lakers’ lineup.

Given that Wednesday’s exhibition in Sin City marks the first time the Warriors will face a LeBron-led Lakers squad — albeit in a meaningless game  — James was asked about a supposed budding rivalry between the two California-based NBA squads.

Suffice to say, James is not about to lend any credence to the belief that any such rivalry exists.

Reporter: Are you looking forward to seeing them a little more often, and the rivalry itself?

LeBron James: What’s the rivalry? Between who?

Reporter: Lakers and Warriors.

James: I don’t know nothing about it.

James of course is far too savvy to even entertain the notion that there is a current rivalry between the Lakers and Warriors. Golden State has won three of the past four NBA championships. The Lakers, meanwhile, have not even qualified for the playoffs in the past five seasons.

Further, James’ genius-level basketball IQ makes it all-too-clear to him that his Lakers squad does not come close to measuring up to the loaded Warriors at this point.

That said, James’ presence alone — not to mention the expected improvement out of the Lakers’ young players and the addition of some veteran talent — obviously will be more than enough for the Lakers to reach the postseason in 2018-19. But does that mean the Lakers and the Warriors are in the midst of an all-time NBA rivalry? Not even close. Yet.