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Kevin Love addresses pitfalls of joining a LeBron James-led team

The relationship between Kevin Love and LeBron James was rocky and tumultuous at times during their tenure as Cleveland Cavaliers teammates. But over time, the tension eased and the two set aside their differences and even developed into great friends off the court.

Still, Love recently explained quite candidly the pitfalls and obstacles inherent to joining forces with the best basketball player on the planet, including the expectations one has to accept to fall in line.

In a broader discussion regarding whether or not James can lure big-ticket free agents to L.A., Love made it clear the players will face a formidable challenge should they opt to join the Lakers.

“You have to follow. You have to learn a lot about that,” Love said via ESPN’s Brian Windhorst. “[Playing with LeBron] you’re not the top guy. I just tried to continue to be myself and not fake it. I said how I felt,” Kevin Love said. “Whether we disagreed or agreed, my voice was heard.”

Love of course was accustomed to being the top dog on an average Minnesota Timberwolves squad before a trade shipped him to Cleveland, so joining the Cavs was quite the shock to the system.

“You have to be resilient. I had a lot of hard nights. There were dark times,” Love said. “But I always believed keep fighting, I was stubborn about it. And LeBron makes sure you have a chance to win every year. He’s gotten a lot of guys rings. You’re going to win at the highest level. We won and we bonded and we’re going to continue this brotherhood.”

Love has previously noted, though, that once you gain his trust and respect, James is intensely loyal and incredibly supportive, as evidenced by how James stood by his side following his courageous admission to struggling with mental health issues.

That said, Love is correct that a lot of sacrifice is required of a player when accepting a role on a James-led squad. But more importantly, as Love also noted, the potential rewards can be significant and career-altering.