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Ezekiel Elliott stresses lack of ‘finger-pointing’ in Cowboys’ locker room

The Dallas Cowboys are off to a disappointing start to their season, stumbling to a 2-3 record. Despite the struggles, particularly on the offensive side of the ball, Ezekiel Elliott insists the locker room remains united.

“One thing that’s good about this group that we have in this locker room is that there hasn’t been any finger-pointing at all,” Elliott said Wednesday, via The Dallas Morning News. “The offense, we’ve struggled this year. When we go over to the defense, ‘hey, we’re sorry we didn’t hold up our end.’ It’s more ‘no, we need to do more, we need to go out there and win that game.’ …

“There’s enough accountability in this locker room that there’s not going to be any finger-pointing.”

There has been a lot of chatter about what’s ailing the Cowboys’ anemic offense — 16.6 points/game, 30th in NFL — although most of the blame has been pinned on Dak Prescott. The third-year quarterback has failed to recapture the magic of his rookie season, completing only 61.8 percent of his passes with five touchdowns to four interceptions and a 81.4 rating.

Several Cowboys, including wideout Cole Beasley, have seemed to subtly criticize Prescott while at the same time making some attempt to defend him. If Elliott is correct and players are not pointing fingers at one another, it appears they may be turning on offensive coordinator Scott Linehan.

The Cowboys at least have the luxury of being in perhaps one of the worst divisions, at least at this point, in the NFL. The 2-2 Washington Redskins sit atop the NFC East with the Cowboys in a tie for second with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Elliott made precisely that point when addressing how there’s plenty of time for the Cowboys to right the ship.

“It’s a long season,” Elliott said. “We’ve got a lot of ball left and a lot of getting better to do.”

That said, Elliott insisted that does not mean the locker room is getting complacent, as there remains a sense of urgency.

“No comfort in here right now,” Elliott said. “There’s no comfort with being 2-3 in the National Football League.”