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A’s fan attends Game 4 of ALDS with Yankees fan who dumped beer on him

“Make friends not enemies” has been the philosophy employed in recent days by an Oakland A’s fan who has let bygones be bygones with a New York Yankees fan over a incident during last week’s AL wild card game. How? By accepting an invite from said Yankees fan to attend Tuesday’s ALDS game in the Bronx.

The situation was initially sparked when Chris, the Yankees fan, was caught on video dumping a beer on John Spencer, the A’s fan, who was in attendance last Wednesday at Yankee Stadium for his favorite team’s 7-2 wild-card loss.

Which brings us to this week, when Spencer made note via Twitter on Monday that Chris had invited him to Tuesday’s big game.

Social media dispatches on Tuesday documented how the former adversaries-turned-pals were in fact in attendance at Yankee Stadium for what ultimately would be New York’s elimination loss to the Boston Red Sox.

Chances are the story would never have taken such a positive turn without the A’s putting out an alert via Twitter in an effort last week to track down the aggrieved Spencer, who responded to the tweet.

The Yankees fan left his boorish behavior in the past and even hung out with Spencer.

It’s nice to learn that the saga had such a happy ending. And with Tuesday’s events, these two fans have provided a valuable lesson about how not to allow rivalries and manufactured animosity interfere with everyone’s ability to enjoy a sporting event without fear of being mistreated in enemy territory.