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Tom Brady gets silly on Instagram while stressing importance of sleep

Tom Brady has ever been shy about sharing how his rigorous and regimented approach to fitness, nutrition and the like has prolonged his Hall of Fame career. But even the New England Patriots quarterback realizes oftentimes simplicity is the best approach to good health.

Brady showcased in an Instagram post that hit the Internet Tuesday just how easy it can be to take the initial steps to taking proper care of oneself by stressing the importance of sleep.

Given how Brady is quite the social media raconteur, though, the Instagram post of course contains some silliness and a dose of whimsy.

Brady showcases the importance of eight hours of shuteye by juxtaposing a “Before” photograph of himself appearing crabby on the sideline and an “After” pic in which he’s nattily attired and looking dapper at the Met Gala.


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Don’t sleep on sleep… #GameReady #LifeReady @tb12sports (link in bio)

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What? No plug for his TB12 sleepwear, which purports to possess some kind of revolutionary “recovery technology,” whatever that means? What gives Brady?

Speaking of which, the “TB12 Method,” as it is known, is an all-encompassing philosophy to which Brady strictly adheres. It has been laid out in a book and involves some pretty far out beliefs and practices. There even was at one time some pretty pricey vegan snack packs to boot. And of course one of the benefits of the TB12 Method is avocado ice cream, one of Brady’s few indulgences. Yummy.

But before anything, get a good night’s sleep, people. Brady pretty clearly lays out the importance of rest with his Before & After pics post.