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LeBron James explains why he showed up at Staples Center in Kaepernick shirt

LeBron James arrived at Staples Center for Thursday night’s preseason game against the Sacramento Kings sporting a provocative shirt bearing the name “Kaepernick” on the upper back.

To no surprise, given pretty much anything James does attracts attention and curiosity, the Los Angeles Lakers superstar was asked about the shirt and why he chose to make such a public show of support for Colin Kaepernick, who still finds himself without an NFL job amid the widespread belief that his social activism and anthem protests are the primary reasons for his ongoing unemployment.

“I wore a Kaepernick shirt tonight, one, because it’s Nike and I’m a Nike guy, “James said, via TMZ Sports. “And then, two, I support Kap. I’ve always supported Kap and what he stands for and what he believes in.”

As James notes, the two obviously both have an endorsement relationship with Nike, so the shirt certainly makes sense on that front.

It does merit noting, though, that James had previously pledged his support for Nike and the company’s “Just Do It” ad campaign featuring Kaepernick when controversy immediately swirled upon its launch in September. “I stand with Nike,” James said during a speech.

So, given how James is extremely passionate about social justice causes — as obviously is the case with Kaepernick as well — it is not shocking the Lakers star would demonstrate solidarity with both Nike and an individual who so strongly shares his views.