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Jerry Jones awkwardly articulates enthusiasm for Texans organization

Jerry Jones has long and storied history of blurting out incredibly odd, if not nonsensical, one-liners and has been known to turn an awkward phrase from time to time when excitedly shooting from the hip.

Well, the outspoken Dallas Cowboys owner has done it again, this time when weighing in on the Houston Texans organization ahead of the Cowboys’ paying a visit to NRG Stadium o Sunday night.

Jones was addressing how he happily played an integral role in getting an NFL franchise back in Houston. The effort was fully realized when Jones’ Cowboys paid a visit to then-Reliant Stadium to serve as the Texans’ first regular-season opponent on Sept. 8, 2002.

Let’s just say Double-J’s attempt at articulating the enthusiasm for that inaugural game — not to mention Cowboys playing an integral role in it — may have been taken way, way too far.

“Houston is such a football town. …I love Houston. I really gave it my all to do whatever I could for Houston to get the franchise,” Jones said, per a tweet from The Dallas Morning News’ Kate Hairopoulos.  “… It is a rivalry. I don’t mind telling you I got a little moisture when they put it on us down there that first game.”

Wait. What?

One has to assume Jones’ “got a little moisture” line was a reference to getting a little teary-eyed. Otherwise … actually let’s just accept that’s the only thing that Jones could have meant.

And this is yet another example why Jones’ own daughter once stated there was no way she would ever let her dad get started on Twitter. All things considered that’s definitely for the best.