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David Ortiz, Alex Rodriguez make great bet on Yankees-Red Sox ALDS

David Ortiz and Alex Rodriguez of course have a long and storied shared history amid the backdrop of the bitter rivalry between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees. Amid the ongoing antagonism, the superstar ballplayers-turned-MLB analysts have made a fantastic wager on the outcome of their respective teams’ ALDS showdown.

The series marks the first time the Red Sox and Yankees have faced each other in the postseason in 14 years, and the tension and anticipation are running high, even on the MLB on FOX set.

Considering everything that is on the line, what better way for Big Papi and A-Rod to up the ante and drama than by coming up with a way to embarrass the one whose team comes up short?

Ortiz and Rodriguez agreed to the terms of the wager on Thursday. The individual whose team loses in the series will have to show up on set wearing the full uniform of the victor, which obviously will be a bitter pill to swallow for both of them.

Not only that, the very public humiliation will culminate with a champagne shower.

“Get his size, because he’s the one wearing it,” he said pointing to Rodriguez, via Newsweek, who immediately suggested he would order a triple XL Yankees uniform for Big Papi instead.

Ortiz, who earlier in the show made a point of showing off his three World Series rings hinting there will be a new addition by the end of the month, insisted he was supremely confident of winning the bet.

Asked whether he had any reservations about the bet, he replied: “Let’s do it! You know me, you know I’m not afraid, it’s playoffs time!”

It’s on.

Game 1 of the Red Sox-Yankees ALDS is Friday with the first pitch slated for 7:32 ET at Fenway Park.