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Watch: Yankees fan dumps beer on A’s fan during wild-card win

New York Yankees fans had plenty to celebrate on Wednesday night in the Bronx. The home team stormed out to a 2-0 lead in the first inning, a 6-0 buffer by the sixth and ultimately rolled to a 7-2 victory over the Oakland Athletics in the AL wild-card game.

Unfortunately, there was one individual who cast the rest of the Yankees fans in attendance in a bad light by exhibiting some pretty unsavory behavior. At some point during the game, the Yankees fan in question took things way too far by dumping a glass of beer on an A’s fan seated nearby.

It goes without saying that the antics of this particular Yankees fan is awfully disappointing, although of course not representative of how a majority of the Yankees fans presumably conducted themselves during the game.

Credit too should go to the A’s fan who was victimized by the beer dousing. While he looked extremely perturbed, even annoyed, by what transpired, he maintained his composure and did not retaliate. Although one would have had to question the young man’s sanity had some kind of response been made. After all, he probably recognized the dire situation in which he found himself, surrounded by amped-up Yankees backers.

In the interest of objectivity, there is the possibility, however remote, that the A’s fan may have done something to provoke the beer bath prior to the above footage. However, operating under the assumption that the A’s fan would have been utterly foolish to do something to draw the ire of others while in enemy territory, there’s a good chance what was witnessed here simply is the crass conduct of a boorish lout.

There is something of a happy ending to the story, though. The A’s somehow caught wind of the fan’s bad experience and offered to do right by him.

That’s pretty cool.