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Hornets players’ ‘Family Members’ form has spot for wife and girlfriend

The Charlotte Hornets organization wants to make sure it has some basic personal information — names, birthdays — on its players’ families, loved ones and so on.

Now, thanks to Hornets star Frank Kaminksy, we now know that the organization is not leaving any stone unturned when it comes to gleaning said pertinent data about said people.

In fact, one might say the Hornets took it to an entirely crazy level given that there is a space for a player to fill in the name and birthdate of their wife AND girlfriend.


Granted, the Hornets presumably expect players to fill in the relevant information for their wife or girlfriend, not both. That said, would it not have been just as easy to have one line that read “Wife/Girlfriend,” not separate ones?

More or less, given how some professional athletes over the years have developed an unsavory reputation for promiscuity, the “Hornets Family Members” sheet is simply an easy way to make a joke about the tawdry, complicated personal lives that some of them lead.

In other words, let’s hope no Hornets player would be so silly as to list the name and birthdate of his wife and girlfriend, if by chance he is foolish enough to have one of each.