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Baker Mayfield: Browns ‘very, very close to being a great team’

Baker Mayfield believes the Cleveland Browns can be a “great team” and the most glaring obstacle to accomplish as much is paying a greater attention to detail.

The rookie Browns quarterback came to the realization that the Browns are poised to take the next step after reviewing the film from last Sunday’s tough 45-42 loss in overtime to the Oakland Raiders.

Mayfield laments how “little details” prevented the Browns from accomplishing much in overtime when failing to get a first down on their first drive, especially given how the team got the ball at their 40-yard line. That said, Mayfield believes much can be gleaned from the situation.

“We have to be fundamentally sound,” Mayfield said, via ESPN’s Pat McManamon. “We have all the talent. We just have to make sure we’re doing our job.”

Mayfield placed the blame squarely on himself for last Sunday’s loss, which is fair given he accounted for four turnovers, two interceptions, two lost fumbles, in his first NFL start. More than that, Mayfield also believes the nine dropped passes by Browns receivers were his fault as well.

“We got to have everybody on the same page,” Mayfield said. “I keep saying that. We have to have the right routes. I have to have my eyes in the right spot.”

The Browns without question have seen a significant influx of talent, and yet posted a woeful 1-31 record over the past two seasons before starting 2018 with a 1-2-1 record. While such a notion that the Browns are an up-and-coming team would have been laughable just a few months ago, perhaps the tide is turning.

Mayfield believes the Browns just have to put everything together and the team’s potential can be realized. Not only that, Mayfield thinks the Browns are “very, very close to being a great team.”

The rookie signal-caller without question has the talent and so-called “it” factor. And how the Browns and the team’s fans have rallied around him arguably speaks well for his future as a leader. It’s all about commitment and attention to detail. At least that’s how Mayfield sees it.