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Noah Syndergaard goes under the clippers for upcoming ‘Vikings’ cameo

Noah Syndergaard, who has gone by the moniker of “Thor” for years, may no longer closely resemble the mythical Norse god thanks to getting some segments of his trademark locks of hair shaved.

The reason for the New York Mets star going under the clippers? With the disappointing 2018 MLB season in the books for the Mets, the pitcher apparently has headed to Ireland to film an upcoming cameo appearance in HISTORY’s popular “Vikings” series.

Syndergaard, among the most entertaining ballplayers on social media, also tweeted out a photograph of himself getting clipped.

This marks the second occasion of Syndergaard making an appearance on a popular, sword-and-shield-type series. It was just last year that he made a celebrated cameo on the HBO smash series “Game of Thrones.”

And before anyone worries that Syndergaard will no longer have any long hair to speak of and could potentially suffer a Samson-like fall, it appears not all of the pitcher’s hair ended up on the floor. A subsequent tweet on Wednesday points to Syndergaard having plenty of long locks left.

It would appear in the pic that Syndergaard, also regaled in costume befitting a Viking warrior, only had the underneath portions of his mane shaved, leaving plenty of his flowing mane atop his head.

Looking good, Syndergaard. It would appear that the Thor moniker still fits.