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Joel Embiid wants to play more in post, says he’s ‘unstoppable inside’

Joel Embiid has big plans for the 2018-19 NBA season, and the Philadelphia 76ers superstar has been exhibiting extreme confidence throughout the offseason that he’ll realize his vision.

Embiid’s latest proclamation involves a goal of developing into a true post player that hearkens back to a previous era in the NBA when strong, talented centers dominated in the paint as opposed to drifting out to the three-point line.

The 24-year-old big man believes he will be able to impose his will in the post this upcoming season while expanding his already-impressive all-around game.

“I think I’m unstoppable inside,” Embiid said, via “… with the new foul system, I mean, I create so much contact that every time they touch me, is a foul, so I have to take advantage of that.”

Embiid has never been short on confidence and there’s no reason not to expect he’ll make good on his claims, especially if 76ers head coach Brett Brown designs the offense to run through Embiid in the post. Either way, Brown believes the bar has been raised for the 76ers and the onus is on the players to elevate their play in order to rise to the challenge.

“The expectations are driven by me. I came out and said what I said in relation to our team goal. I’m not going to hide from that, I own it. We work daily to try to go play in the championship, try to find a way to win a championship … that’s the only reason, as I said, I’m here and my messaging to our group and we don’t avoid any of it. I get the responsibility, owning that comment, but we’re not hiding from any expectations. We’re using it as motivation.”

Embiid, along with reigning Rookie of the Year Ben Simmons and a hoped-for emergence from Markelle Fultz, certainly makes for a strong nucleus. And with the 76ers among the early favorites in the Eastern Conference, Embiid is the perfect player to lead the hardwood renaissance presently taking place in basketball-crazy Philadelphia.