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Man involved in airport scuffle with Pacman Jones sentenced to one year in jail

The airport worker who was involved in a scuffle with Adam “Pacman” Jones earlier this year has been sentenced to one year in jail, according to a TMZ Sports report.

The incident in question occurred on July 10 at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, Ga. The suspect, ABM staffer Frank Ragin, was taken into custody and ultimately charged with two counts of battery, one count of disorderly conduct and one count of terroristic threats.

Ragin reportedly has been sentenced to one year in jail and an additional year of probation tacked on as well.

Ragin ultimately struck a deal with prosecutors where he agreed to plead no contest to 1 count of battery and the other 3 charges were dropped. 

The sentence was harsh — 1 year in jail and roughly 1 year of probation. He also has to complete 70 hours of community service and must stay away from Pacman. 

The altercation that spawned the sentence made for a bizarre scene. Ragin was alleged to have “made a gesture towards” Jones, who then confronted Ragin. Footage of the altercation, which included both men throwing punches, later surfaced.

TMZ notes that police determined Ragin was the aggressor and Jones was acting only in self-defense, so no charges were filed against the NFL star.  Jones also is said to be considering a lawsuit over the incident but has yet to initiate any action.

At the time of the incident, Jones was a free agent but has since joined the Denver Broncos.