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Cubs provide fans permission slip to skip work for Monday’s Game 163

The Chicago Cubs and Milwaukee Brewers both finished the 2018 MLB season with matching 95-67 records, meaning the two squads were unable to decide the winner of the National League Central in the customary 162 games.

So on Monday at Wrigley Field, Game 163 will determine which team enters the postseason as division champions and which one will be relegated to wild-card status.

Game 163s — of which there are two on Monday — are obviously always exciting, tense affairs, so the Cubs produced a hype video in advance of the thrilling showdown with the Brewers.

Not only that, as teams in such situations are wont to do, the Cubs also produced a permission slip for fans excusing them from work, etc. so they can be at Wrigley Field for the big game.

Permission slips or “Get Out of Work Free” cards, as noted, are nothing new. Several teams have employed such excuse notes when the opportunity, such as a critical weekday afternoon match-up or championship celebration, arises (see here and here and here). In fact, the Cubs have previously engaged in such antics when the team concocted a “super official excuse note” for Game 7 of the 2016 World Series.

These kind of rallying gambits, while clever, presumably would not work on most bosses, leaving employees eager to skip out of work for the day to catch the game the option of calling in sick. Although let’s hope for these individuals that the powers-that-be don’t see them on television in the Wrigley stands. After all, that almost happened to Ferris Bueller when Principal Ed Rooney was hot on his trail.