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Watch: ‘Wrigley Rally Rat’ steals the show at Cubs-Pirates game

In the matter of less than one week, the sports world has been time left fascinated for the second time by yet another instance of the “Rally [Insert Animal Here]” craze.

On this occasion, it is thanks to a very determined rodent that made an appearance earlier this week at Wrigley Field during a Chicago Cubs-Pittsburgh Pirates game. Of course, given where the incident occurred, the creature has now been dubbed “Wrigley Rally Rat.”

Photographer Will Byington was on hand at Wrigley Field Tuesday night to take in the tilt when he happened to notice a rat that would not be denied a successful leap from a fence to the iconic outfield wall. It took Wrigley Rally Rat three tries but the little bugger ultimately overcame the obstacle and completed its challenging mission.

The best part of all is how the fans cheered on the rat with encouraging messages like “Jump, jump!” and “You can do it!”

Sadly, the Wrigley Rally Rat did not provide any good-luck mojo for the Cubbies on Tuesday night, as the home squad was shut out 6-0. Perhaps, however, there was some carryover magic on Wednesday from the rodent’s presence the previous evening, as the Cubs clinched a postseason berth despite an odd, Steve Bartman-like incident.

Animal intruders at stadiums has long been all the rage among sports fans whenever such an appearance is made. There was of course Rally Squirrel and Rally Cat from years past. And just last week, Cleveland Browns fans went bonkers over Rally Possum.

Welcome to the club, Wrigley Rally Cat.