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Gregg Popovich jokes about when Manu Ginobili will join Spurs’ staff

Gregg Popovich recently provided the retired Manu Ginobili an open invitation to join the San Antonio Spurs’ coaching staff. And Pop had a great line recently about when Ginobili might take him up on that standing offer.

“I’m expecting him to come back when he runs out of money,” Popovich joked, via Reuters. “When he can’t pay for that boat anymore, he’s going to want to come back.”

Ginobili obviously earned an extraordinary amount of money during his stellar 16-year NBA career. The safe assumption is that the 41-year-old invested it wisely and won’t be running out of money anytime soon. So, all kidding aside, Pop’s hope of having Ginobili join his coaching staff will be inspired by desire, not financial need.

It would appear that Ginobili does have some semblance of interest in at least testing the waters when it comes to joining the coaching ranks. Popovich invited him to a recent annual coaching retreat and was left impressed with Ginobili’s performance.

“He was a great addition,” Popovich said, “because he was smart enough to listen in the beginning. It’s like a new job in a way. You listen and you figure out the lay of the land and he did that. … He started to open up. By the second, third, fourth day, he was right in the middle of arguing about everything.”

The notion that Ginobili will one day join his former coach’s staff certainly seems possible. It might just be a matter of when.

And if things for some reason do not work out with the Spurs? At least Ginobili has another option for his post-NBA career thanks to a bizarre incident from his standout career.