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Jerry Jones weighs in on NFL’s roughing the passer controversy

There has been no shortage of vocal critics of the NFL’s new interpretation of how roughing the passer should be called during games. Count Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones among those who are questioning its controversial implementation.

Jones believes the new rule, which prohibits a defensive player from landing on a quarterback with the full weight of their body, stands to impact the game of football at the professional level “as much as any one [rule] I have seen make a change from our past.”

However, Jones makes the distinction that what is good for the NFL as it relates to roughing the passer calls is not necessarily how such plays should be interpreted at lower levels.

“The way I see our future is I see a real serious emphasis on youth football, amateur football,” Jones said during a Tuesday appearance on Dallas’ 105.3 The Fan, as transcribed by ESPN. “I see it reflected at the high school level. … I see a collegiate game that certainly has a lot of finesse in it, but is a great game and makes these kinds of adjustments we’re talking about.

“But when it comes to pro football, to use a boxing term, that’s when you put the 6-ounce gloves on. That’s when you don’t want to fight with those 10 ounce gloves or you don’t fight with those headgears. … You’re paid a lot of money to go out and incur those type situations that have more risks in them.”

There have been several glaring instances where the argument can be made that defenders completed a textbook tackle when bringing down the quarterback and are nevertheless penalized. Green Bay Packers star Clay Matthews has been flagged on such questionable plays in consecutive weeks. There have been several other examples as well in the first three weeks of the season.

A report from The Washington Post on Monday indicates that while the NFL will not change the wording of the rule, there has been consideration to address how the “rule should be applied differently by the on-field officials over the remainder of the season.”