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Why didn’t Joe Buck condemn Isaiah Crowell like he did to Randy Moss?

Joe Buck has either mellowed with age, changed his tune or something else entirely when it comes to touchdown celebrations involving a player’s butt.

Why? Because the longtime announcer’s reaction to New York Jets running back Isaiah Crowell’s crude celebration stood in stark contrast to how disgusted Buck was with Randy Moss many, many years ago.

During the Jets’ loss to the Browns on “Thursday Night Football,” Crowell, a former Browns player, used the football as a prop, acting as if it were toilet paper, and proceeded to rub it on his behind in a wiping manner before tossing it into the crowd.

As noted by the Star Tribune’s Michael Rand, all Buck had to say about the questionable celebration was “that will draw a flag every time” as penalty flags were thrown.

Meanwhile, let’s enter the Wayback Machine to revisit aforementioned Moss incident.

It occurred on Jan. 5, 2005 during the Minnesota Vikings’ unexpected 31-17 wild-card round victory over the divisional-rival Green Bay Packers. After Moss scored a touchdown to put the Vikings up big, he strolled over to the field-goal post and proceeded to fake-moon the fans.

Buck, who was calling the playoff game for FOX,  referred to Moss’ antics as a “disgusting act,” an infamous outburst that became perhaps the most remembered aspect of Moss’ faux moon.

Moss, when reminiscing about the act, disgusting or otherwise, ahead of his Hall of Fame enshrinement this last summer, explained how it was in response to something Packers fans did to Vikings’ team buses before games.

Either way, all these years later, Buck did not bite on Crowell’s butt-themed celebration on Thursday night. Although Buck could have earned kudos for busting out the “disgusting act” line after Crowell’s antics, even if in jest as opposed to indignation.