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Fate of Browns’ ‘Rally Possum’ has been revealed

One of the “heroes” to emerge from the Cleveland Browns’ first win in 635 days on Thursday night was a cretinous critter who was discovered meandering about FirstEnergy Stadium ahead of the game: An opossum that was later corralled by a very brave Browns fan.

Later dubbed the “Rally Possum,” the animal has rocketed to social media superstardom … inasmuch as a maverick marsupial can. The creature intertwined with the Browns at long last putting one in the win column. Heck, there’s even “Rally Possum” apparel already available for purchase.

But a question lingered after Rally Possum was placed in a box and removed from FirstEnergy Stadium on Thursday night. Now we have the answer.

According to, Rally Possum has been liberated from the confines of FirstEnergy Stadium, free to explore Cleveland at his or her leisure.

“The possum was humanely released outside of the stadium,” a Browns spokesperson said.

As noted in the report, Rally Possum could have suffered a far crueler fate.

If only it was self-aware, the possum would consider itself fortunate. According to state protocol for the capture of nuisance wild animals, trappers are permitted under law to euthanize opossum.

Now, that would have been a horrible way to treat the Browns’ new good luck charm, right? And who knows? Perhaps Rally Possum will once again surface at FirstEnergy Stadium to provide positive mojo and inspire the next Browns’ home victory. Stranger things have happened.