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Chip the Buffalo raising money for new t-shirt cannon after painful mishap

Chip the Buffalo is now Internet infamous due to last week’s “Mascot Hit In Groin By Accidental T-Shirt Cannon Discharge” video clip that set social media on fire. And now the Colorado Buffaloes mascot is doing something to rectify the circumstances of the excruciatingly painful mishap.

The incident that played out for all the social media world to see occurred last Saturday during Colorado’s 45-14 win over the New Hamsphire Wildcats at Folsom Field. Somehow, the t-shirt cannon discharged and was unfortunately aimed straight at the groin of Chip the Buffalo.

The poor mascot crumpled to the ground in obvious agony and had to be removed from the sidelines on a cart.

Thankfully, Chip the Buffalo returned to the game, evidently bruised and battered but not beaten.

Which brings the event’s aftermath into this week when on Thursday, Chip announced a golf tournament which will raise funds for travel expenses, jerseys and most importantly, “better t-shirt cannons,” the tweet reads.

As noted in the tweet, Chip will be assisted by the Colorado dance team and cheerleading squad. Let’s just hope Chip leaves the t-shirt cannon behind and does not inadvertently walk into the line of fire of any golfer. The last thing Chip needs is to further his online infamy with a “Mascot Hit In Groin By Golf Ball At Fundraiser For New T-Shirt Cannon Inspired By Being Previously Hit In Groin By Accidental T-Shirt Cannon Discharge” video. That would not be good. Chip the Buffalo has been through enough, for crying out loud.