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Browns fans going crazy for ‘Rally Possum,’ merchandise now available

The Baker Mayfield Era may have been launched thanks to the rookie quarterback’s standout performance Thursday night that netted the Cleveland Browns their first victory in 635 days.

Despite Mayfield’s heroics in relief of a concussed Tyrod Taylor, thanks to a stadium intrusion by a wily marsupial ahead of the big win, Browns fans instead have been going crazy since the big win over a creature now dubbed the “Rally Possum.”

An opossum was on the loose in the stands at FirstEnergy Stadium and after efforts by stadium security to wrangle the crafty critter proved unsuccessful, a very brave Browns fan swooped in and scooped up the uncooperative opossum. The nonchalant manner in which said fan grabbed the possum by its tail and calmly dropped it into a box was quite impressive.

Crazy stuff, indeed. Even crazier? Multiple apparel outlets are rallying around — and seeking to capitalize on — Browns fans’ newfound love for the “Rally Possum.”

“Victory Possum” apparel is also available, a slight variation on “Rally,” but it still works.

And we would be remiss not to mention “Browns Rally Possum” even has a Twitter account.

There is of course no shortage of instances when a “Rally [Insert Animal Here]” inspires fans to get all pumped up about an animal intruder at a game. The Rally Squirrel, of course, was a huge hit way back when. And perhaps the best of all, Rally Cat.

Welcome to the club, Rally Possum. What a world.