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Odell Beckham blasts being ‘randomly’ selected for drug test

Odell Beckham Jr. took to Twitter early Thursday morning to express frustration over being “randomly” selected by the NFL for a drug test. The New York Giants wide receiver seemingly is taking issue with how it appears to him that he’s subjected to the tests far more often than the term “random” would suggest.

Beckham’s tweeted gripe specifically bemoaned how these tests take away from a players’ ability to do their jobs.

“Walkin in today to my 997,546 ”’RANDOM”’ PED drug test today,” Beckham tweeted. “It’s actually funny how I “randomly” get tested every other week. Dear @NFL please stop sending these people, ur takin away from meeting times and film… thanks #ThisAintWhatYaLookinFor #ThisIsBeyondMeeeee.”

Beckham, however, is not about to let the aggravation spoil his day, as evidenced by a subsequent tweet.

“Other than that world! Have a blesssssed day #PVO,” Beckham stated.

While Beckham’s frustration due to his perception that he’s tested more often than other players is understandable, the Times-Picayune lays out the league policy concerning such matters as follows:

NFL players under contract are subject to testing throughout the year, including the offseason. Once a player has been notified that he has been selected for testing, he has no more than three hours to submit a specimen, according to the 2016 NFL policy and program on substances of abuse.

Beckham also may be under more scrutiny by the powers-that-be due to a video that surfaced earlier this year that at the very least suggests the presence of drugs. It merits noting that nothing ever came of the controversy surrounding the footage, even though the NFL and the Giants both acknowledged awareness of the video.

Further, perhaps Beckham can take solace in the fact he’s not the first NFL star to be seemingly targeted by the league related to such matters.