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Bill Simmons floats theory Lakers are paying LaVar Ball to keep quiet

Bill Simmons, never one to steer clear of outrageous statements or hot takes, floated a real wild theory earlier this week during an appearance with Mike Francesa on WFAN.

Speaking to the remarkably strange radio silence from the notoriously outspoken LaVar Ball of late, Simmons posited that perhaps the Los Angeles Lakers are paying him for his silence, saying, “I have a feeling he’s going to kind of disappear.”

The thought is, as Simmons sees it, that the Lakers will do anything and everything to ensure LeBron James is not annoyed by Ball. And it appears Ball’s recent silence somewhat coincided with James’ arrival in L.A. According to Simmons, that conceivably could mean Ball finds himself on the Lakers’ payroll.

The exchange between Simmons and Francesa, via WFAN:

“Remember when Serena’s dad was an issue for a long time and then all of a sudden we kind of never heard from him anymore,” Simmons continued. “I have a feeling that’s where this is going to go. He’ll be getting a nice paycheck to not really be heard from that much.” 

“Oh, he got hush money. That’s a big story if he got hush money,” Francesa said. 

“Put him on the payroll to basically not talk and not make a big deal out of things,” said Simmons. “The other thing is…as Trump found out recently. You don’t want to be on the other side against LeBron. LeBron is the most popular team sports athlete we have had in America since I don’t know when. Anything he does people are all in at this point. LaVar Ball is losing against LeBron.”

James doesn’t have the greatest history with Ball, despite the latter kowtowing to The King in July. Even Lakers boss Magic Johnson took a shot at the elder Ball recently as well, which is understandable given Lonzo’s dad was a thorn in the Lakers’ side all last season.

All things considered, paying Ball some hush money to buy his silence would be a pretty solid play by the Lakers, even if Simmons’ thoughts on the matter land in conspiracy theory territory.