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Watch: Stephen Strasburg again hits three people with one pitch

Stephen Strasburg for the second time in about a week accomplished the seemingly impossible by plunking three people with one pitch during Tuesday’s standout start in a 4-2 victory over the Miami Marlins.

In completely baffling fashion, the Washington Nationals pitcher had a pitch ricochet off a hit batsman, glance off the catcher and then have the ball make contact with the home plate umpire.

In Tuesday’s occurrence of the baffling pinball pitch, Strasburg somehow managed to drill batter Brian Anderson, catcher Matt Wieters and umpire Brian Knight in one fell swoop.

Last week in Strasburg’s previous start against the Philadelphia Phillies, he plunked Jorge Alfaro, Wieters and umpire Hunter Wendelstedt with one pitch. has put together a video to document the incomprehensible insanity.

Bizarre stuff. Now, if Strasburg can somehow make it a trifecta and do the same thing again in his next start? Well, it may be time for Major League Baseball to conduct some kind of “X-Files” investigation to determine whether Strasburg possesses telekinetic powers or something. Because if two times is a bizarre coincidence, three times would be absurd, unexplainable craziness.