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Rob Gronkowski offers sage, if simple, advice to Josh Gordon

Rob Gronkowski shared the practice field with Josh Gordon for the first time on Wednesday after the wide receiver’s acquisition was finalized earlier in the day.

To no surprise, the New England Patriots tight end was asked by reporters afterward about the big trade and the potential for Gordon to give the offense a boost.

“I know that he’s a good player, but I can’t really get into details,” Gronkowski said, via the Boston Herald. “I’ve never really practiced with him like that before seeing him in person play. But, what I’ve seen before, he’s a great player and just definitely glad to have him here.”

It was Gronk’s sage advice to Gordon on how to get acclimated, however, that was the most illuminating.

“Work hard. Do your job,” Gronkowski said. “That explains it all.”

Short and sweet. And remarkably on point.

Gordon will have no choice to fall in line and adopt the tenets of the “Patriot Way” if he has any hope of making it work in New England, much less succeeding.

Gronk being Gronk, though, there were one entertaining and irreverent sound bite from his presser related to Gordon.

“And being here, there really isn’t too much excitement. So, I don’t know,” Gronkowski said, taking a moment to chuckle at his witticism. “So, I don’t know. Getting excited is kind of scary.”

Now that Gronkowski has spoken his piece about the Gordon acquisition, we have heard from two Patriot principals, as Tom Brady weighed in on the trade earlier in the week. Bill Belchick, though, has been reluctant to say anything definitive about Gordon, which gave rise to something of a surreal press conference earlier Wednesday.

That said, Belichick will have little choice but to say something the next time he’s in front of the media. But if history is any indication, it will be like pulling teeth for reporters to get something of any substance out of the curmudgeonly coach.

Let’s just say it’s safe to assume Belichick’s comments will lack the excitement of the Gordon-Brady hype video the Patriots posted earlier in the week.