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‘Under Pressure’: TSA website trolls Tom Brady with Deflategate joke

Among the last places one would expect to find a Deflategate joke — dated as it may be — would be on an official government website. But that is indeed the case as the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) website actually has a page where Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are trolled over the scandal years after the fact.

The page in question contains relevant information for travelers who plan to bring inflated sporting equipment on a flight. It’s noted that the TSA does allow such items, which leads to the Deflategate reference.

Under the section entitled “Under Pressure” — which includes a photograph of Brady — the TSA’s policy on inflated items reads as follows:

“Having to leave your favorite pigskin at home would be soooo deflating,” the TSA’s page reads. “Thankfully, inflatable sports equipment is allowed in both carry-on and checked luggage. That includes inflatable footballs, soccer balls, basketballs, etc.

“Follow these tips when packing and you’ll be on your way to gridiron glory. For even more travel info, just connect with us on social media; send your questions to AskTSA via Twitter and Facebook; and check out for more helpful tips.”

Zing! What? No Wells Report reference? C’mon, TSA.

The Deflategate debacle began all the way back on Jan. 18, 2015 during the Patriots’ appearance in the AFC Championship Game against the Indianapolis Colts. The protracted legal saga finally reached a resolution in the summer of 2016 when Brady announced there would be no further appeals of the matter and he would serve his four-game suspension at the start of the upcoming NFL season.

And now, over two years later, the TSA’s still got Deflategate jokes. Dated, yes, but funny? Kind of.