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Watch: LeBron James’ wife secretly films him dancing

LeBron James seemed to be taking to heart the famous quote “dancing like nobody’s watching” recently at his home when wife Savannah caught him in the act and documented the silliness on video.

The best part? Savannah James captured the footage surreptitiously, as it’s plainly evident her hubby had no idea he was being filmed. The hilarity of it all as James cuts a rug and busts a move in such an awkward manner makes that abundantly clear.

Wow. When James gets down, he gets down. Goodness.

Odds are James could not care less that his wife essentially embarrassed him on social media by broadcasting his awkward dance moves. The guy seems pretty secure in himself. Being widely hailed as the best basketball player on the planet ever presumably does wondrous things for one’s ego, right?

Boogie on, King James. Boogie on. Actually, LeBron ought to boogie oogie oogie ’till he just can’t boogie no more if that’s what he wants to do, even if Savannah is nearby secretly recording it all.