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Ryan Fitzpatrick sends signed jersey to ‘Madden’ shooting victim ‘Fitzmagic13’

Ryan Fitzpatrick recently took the time to reach out to a fan who goes by the “Madden” username “Fitzmagic13” after the young man was injured in the shooting during the “Madden 19 NFL Classic” in Jacksonville, Fla., in August.

George Amadeo, of Belford, N.J., was shot in the ankle during the shooting rampage at the “Madden” tournament that left two dead and 10 injured. He spent his 18th birthday in the hospital recovering from his injuries.

Amadeo, a “huge” New York Jets backer, says he decided upon his “Fitzmagic13” moniker “during [Fitzpatrick’s] first season with the Jets and followed his career since.”

So, imagine his surprise when Fitzpatrick, now with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, not only called him recently but also sent him an autographed jersey.

“Happy 18th Bday George!! Get well soon and keep up that Fitzmagic,” the signed jersey reads.

“Ryan’s a standup guy and I didn’t expect anything like that to happen,” Amadeo said of Fitzpatrick, via “If you’re going to do a story on this please remember the victims and their families.”

Fitzpatrick declined to comment to on the gesture via the Buccaneers’ media relations department. But Fitzpatrick confirmed he did speak to Amadeo and sent the signed jersey.