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Denver retailer will reimburse appliance purchases if Broncos shut out Raiders

A Colorado-based retailer will once again continue an annual promotion in which customers who purchase products from Wednesday through Saturday this week will be reimbursed in full should the Denver Broncos shut out the Oakland Raiders on Sunday.

Appliance Factory and Mattress Kingdom, which boasts 16 outlets in the greater Denver area, announced earlier this week its wildly popular “If Denver Shuts Out Oakland” promo. It’s a fantastic marketing gimmick the company has been doing every year for well over a decade.

“If the Denver team scores at least one point and beats the Oakland team by any score/points and the Oakland team scores a total of zero points,” the announcement specifically reads.

There are of course a handful of additional rules and regulations. For example, the promotion only covers minimum purchases of $479 and tops out at $3,000.

The last time the Broncos shut out the Raiders was Oct. 16, 1995, so the retailer hasn’t had to pay out on the promotion during its existence. And if this year is no different from previous ones, the company presumably took out an insurance policy to cover themselves should a shutout occur.

The Broncos-Raiders rivalry is a bitter one that hardly needs any added incentive to get fans motivated for a showdown between the two AFC West adversaries, especially with Jon Gruden’s return to the Raiders’ sideline. But if a Broncos fan can snag a free refrigerator or what have you out of the deal — while celebrating a shutout — so much the better.

Kickoff comes Sunday afternoon at Broncos Stadium at Mile High at 2:25 p.m. local time.