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Watch: Ravens’ band member goes viral by air-drumming Rush song

Peter Zirpolo, the vice president of the Baltimore Ravens’ marching band, has become an Internet sensation thanks to a viral video of him air-drumming a Rush song during Sunday’s win over the Buffalo Bills.

Zirpolo, 54, has been left shocked by his rapid rise to online celebrity after video posted to social media of him playing air drums to the Rush classic “Tom Sawyer” has garnered over 6.85 million views as of Tuesday night, per ESPN.

The scene played out in the rain at MT&T Bank Stadium during the first quarter of the Ravens’ 47-3 shellacking of the Bills. It was originally posted to Twitter by a sports anchor based in Rochester, N.Y.

Given the video’s incredible popularity, it should go without saying that Zirpolo can really bring it while rocking out on the air drums.

Zirpolo was unaware of his newfound fame until some friends let him know about it.

“I looked it up, clicked on the link and I was like, ‘Oh my God,'” Zirpolo said.

The footage of Zirpolo, who once served as a musician in the Marching Ravens, even caught the attention of Rush, as the band retweeted the video from its official Twitter account.

“I could not believe it,” Zirpolo said. “The Professor [Rush drummer Neil Peart] is my idol. So when I saw that, I was like, ‘No way. This is cool.'”

Don’t expect to Zirpolo to cease his impromptu, imaginary in-game performances, either.

“The air drumming will be continuing,” Zirpolo said. “I’m not going to hide in a corner.”