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Jags fans to fly banner during Pats game to protest AFC title game call

Jacksonville Jaguars fans have reached a stated fundraising goal for a banner to be flown over TIAA Bank Field during Sunday’s game against the New England Patriots.

And the reason for the banner? To protest a critical call during the teams’ AFC Championship Game back in January that Jaguars fans believe jobbed the team.

The play in question occurred early on in the 4th quarter with the Jaguars leading the Patriots by a score of 20-10. After a razzle-dazzle play out of the Patriots on offense, Myles Jack forced a downfield fumble by Dion Lewis.

Jack came up with the ball and began running down the sideline for what potentially could have been a backbreaking touchdown on the turnover. Instead, officials declared Jack down by contact.

The Jaguars were unable to capitalize on the turnover and put points on the scoreboard and went on to surrender 14 unanswered points in the 4th quarter to lose in a heartbreaker, 24-20.

Jaguars backers are understandably bitter over the play, as is often the case when a fan base feels a call went against them (even when that’s not necessarily the case).

Which brings us to the recent events and fundraising push. GenJag organized the campaign on GoFundMe and successfully raised the necessary $1,500 to fly the “protest” banner. The message? “MYLES JACK WASN’T DOWN.”

“The banner will fly for at least 1 hour prior to kickoff, but the more we raise, the longer we can fly,” reads the GoFundMe page. “Any excess we raise will go toward future events, airplane banners at additional games, and/or donated to Tom Coughlin’s Jay Fund.”

The Jaguars obviously could have done more in the AFC title game to secure a huge victory. They didn’t, so Jags fans harbor some bitterness and not surprisingly blame the Jack call. Hence, Sunday’s airplane banner.