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Cole Beasley says critics of Cowboys are ‘full of poop’

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Cole Beasley kept his comments G-rated but nevertheless had a clear message in response to the outpouring of criticism of the team after only one game.

The Cowboys started the season with a thud courtesy of an underwhelming and uninspired effort — especially on offense — in Sunday’s 16-8 road loss to the Carolina Panthers. Such a disappointing performance not surprisingly elicited widespread conjecture about the Cowboys, a team expected to turn it around in 2018 after a disappointing 9-7 campaign last season.

In light of the season being only one week old, Beasley believes the naysayers – including one Cowboys legend — already predicting doom and gloom cannot see the big picture.

“There are a lot of things people see and don’t understand,” Beasley said Tuesday, via theĀ Forth Worth Star-Telegram. “There is a lot of opinions out there about what we shouldn’t or shouldn’t do or how bad the group is. We can’t read and can’t care about it. … One of the biggest reason you can’t listen to any of it … it’s all full of poop. We have to focus on what we do and get better.”

Despite Beasley’s protestations, Dak Prescott does not seem to be the same quarterback that took the league by storm as a rookie in 2016. After a subpar 2017, Prescott continues to struggle, although it’s early yet. How much Prescott’s Week 1 performance — 19-for-29 for 170 yards with no touchdowns for a pedestrian 81.1 rating — had to do with the absences of the released Dez Bryant and retired Jason Witten is unclear.

That said, Prescott and Co. better turn things around fast with the division-rival New York Giants headed to AT&T Stadium for a nationally televised matchup Sunday night. If the Cowboys can notch a home victory over the similarly 0-1 Giants, perhaps it would in part prove Beasley’s point that the knee-jerk reactionaries already criticizing the Cowboys are indeed … full of poop.