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Watch: Player in semipro Canadian league unleashes absurd bat flip

A baseball player in a semipro Canadian league may have unleashed possibly the most absurd bat flip in the history of bat flips during a recent game.

Starlin Rodriguez, a slugger for the Barrie Baycats, a team that plays in Canada’s semi-pro Intercounty Baseball League, hit a home run against the Kitchener Panthers during Game 6 of the IBL Finals. The dinger broke a tie and the Baycats went on to win both the game and the series.

While a clutch at-bat, indeed, Rodriguez’s conduct following the home run not surprisingly irked the Panthers. And the case can be made Rodriguez arguably deserved some semblance of derision.

Rodriguez stood at the plate for an inordinate amount of time admiring his moon shot before uncorking a bat flip that nearly went into orbit. The situation continued on from there in a bad way thanks to Rodriguez opting to take an incredibly long time to circle the bases.

Things continued to devolve from there in a hardly shocking manner, as some extracurricular activity ensued.

Subsequent reporting on the fallout from Rodriguez’s bat flip and other associated antics, however, helps explain perhaps why the slugger behaved the way he did — at least to some degree, per Yahoo Sports:

According to Ryan Eakin, who wrote the game story for the Baycats website, Rodriguez injured his groin while catching a sixth inning pop-up. He injured it even more when he swung the bat, which is why he ran the bases so slowly and gingerly — he was in pain. The groin injury could also be why he stood at the plate for so long. If the ball he hit was going to be caught, why run and be in pain?

Fair enough. But nothing contained in the above reporting justifies the absurd bat flip, now does it?