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Kevin Love praises NBA’s ‘sense of community’ amid mental health revelation

Kevin Love praised the “sense of community” he felt in NBA amid his disclosure of mental health issues last season, which the Cleveland Cavaliers star revealed in March with a candid and personal essay.

Love, appearing on Monday’s edition of “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah,” admits to being somewhat surprised at the welcoming and genuine response to his admission, not to mention widespread expressions of support.

“The sense of community has been the craziest thing for me of anytime in my entire career,” Love said during the interview, as transcribed by Cavs Nation. “Playing 10 years in the NBA now — this is what people see most. And I mention that because everywhere that I go, whether it be men or women in socioeconomic status, sexual preference, anything, it doesn’t discriminate.

“Especially when you mention us — people that seemingly have everything, you’re in a position that you always wanted to be in as athletes. At least for us, we’re considered superhuman, and people don’t even consider the mental aspect of it, because we have stuff that’s going on as well.”

Love suffered a panic attack on Nov. 5 in the locker room and later penned a powerful essay for “The Players’ Tribune” about the incident and its aftermath. Love subsequently sought mental health treatment in the wake of the panic attack.

The Cavaliers forward revealed shortly after the admission that the general response to his disclosure was “overwhelming” and “universally positive.”

Love has also shared his experiences in a provocative piece by ESPN’s Jackie MacMullan detailing the NBA’s approach to addressing mental health issues affecting the league.