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Dodgers announce sports world’s first-ever digital bobblehead giveaway

The Los Angeles Dodgers will make a brave, bobbly leap into the future on Sept. 21 when the first-ever digital bobblehead giveaway will be held later this month at Dodger Stadium.

The giveaway provides fans with the opportunity to download a digital Kenley Jansen, Clayton Kershaw or Justin Turner Crypto token, according to a report from Dodger Blue. Fans will have equal odds of securing one of the above players’ digital doppelgangers.

The first 40,000 fans in attendance attendance for the Sept. 21 game against the San Diego Padres are set to receive a card with a unique code. Those lucky individuals will be directed to a website where said code will unlock a digital bobblehead which can be added to their Ehthereum wallet — whatever the heck that is.

“We’re excited for our first-ever Crypto giveaway, and to explore an entirely new marketplace with our fanbase,” said Dodgers executive vice president and chief marketing officer Lon Rosen. “We hope this piques the interest of Dodger fans, and will help launch a new age of digital collectibles and promotions.”

That’s all well and good and groundbreaking and revolutionary and the like. But isn’t the point of a bobblehead that it’s something tangible, a piece of memorabilia one can put up on a shelf or something and look at it … bobble … or whatever? Evidently not in this brave new digital world.

Either way, it would be regrettable not to humbly admit that I, for one, welcome our new Digital Bobblehead Crypto Token Overlords.