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Todd Frazier admits to tricking umpires on foul ball catch in stands

Todd Frazier on Wednesday finally copped to tricking the umpires into thinking he made a diving catch of a foul ball that had drifted into the stands. However, the New York Mets third baseman insists engaging in such deceptive sleight of hand, as it were, was not his original intent. It just played out that way.

The bizarre incident in question occurred during Monday’s game against the Los Angeles Dodgers in the bottom of the second inning. Frazier sprinted backward and up foul territory after a popup off the bat of Dodgers outfielder Alex Verdugo. The ball drifted into the seats and Frazier made a great effort at catching the ball.

Frazier did indeed secure a ball during his dive. It just wasn’t the ball hit by Verdugo. Instead, it was a rubber ball Frazier somehow came across in the seats, which he immediately tossed back into the stands.

Frazier insists it was pure instinct that inspired him to show the imposter ball to the umps.

“It is Hollywood,” Frazier said Wednesday, via ESPN. “Sometimes you’ve got to act out a little bit.”

A fan evidently attempted to get third base umpire Mark Wegner’s attention to point out the location of the real baseball.

“I was trying to get out of there as quick as possible,” Frazier said. “I saw someone pointing at the right ball and I was like, ‘All right, I’m just going to have to play this off.’ I got in the dugout and was telling people I was flabbergasted that I even got away with it.”

Indeed he did.