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End of feud? Marlins Man to sign one-day contract with Marlins

Laurence Leavy, more famously known as Marlins Man, appears to have put his feud with the Miami Marlins on hold. News has surfaced indicating the notorious super fan will sign a one-day “contract” with the team, seemingly indicating things are improving between him and the Marlins organization.

Marlins Man of course is known best for the habit of making a scene while showing up at high-profile major-league games not involving the Marlins, often in the postseason. He would attract attention by always wearing an orange Marlins jersey while prominently being seated right behind home plate.

However, things between Marlins Man and his favorite MLB team went south this year, a rift highlighted by him publicly beefing with new Marlins boss Derek Jeter.

Last December, Marlins Man awkwardly pulled the “Do you know how I am?” act with Jeter at a Marlins town hall meeting.

Things went from bad to worse in March when the Marlins rejected Marlins Man’s $200,000 offer for season tickets. This inspired Marlins Man to wash his hands of the team and threaten to latch on with another MLB squad.

Now things appear to have taken a turn for the better, as Marlins Man will attend his first game of the season at Marlins Park on Sept. 17. But that’s not all, via Slater Scoops:

He won two prizes from the team’s charity auction. Marlins Man had the winning bid for both the “broadcaster experience” and “player for a day.”

Among the perks he will receive as a benefit for donating to the Marlins Foundation: Marlins Man will sign an honorary one-day contract with the team, hold an official press conference with Michael Hill, attend Don Mattingly’s coaches meeting, present the lineup card, and be interviewed on-air during the Marlins broadcast. Also, Marlins Man will have the chance to shag balls in the outfield during batting practice.

So, all is now well between Marlins Man and the Marlins, right? Let’s hope so … for Marlins Man’s sake, at least.