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Brandon Marshall says Colin Kaepernick still has sights set on NFL return

Brandon Marshall indicated this week that Colin Kaepernick still aspires to return to the NFL one day, despite having last made an appearance in the league on Jan. 1, 2017, among other roadblocks.

The Denver Broncos linebacker told TMZ Sports Wednesday night that Kaepernick “still wants to play football” and “still loves the game very, very much.”

The relationship between Marshall and Kaepernick goes all the way back to their playing days at the University of Nevada. Marshall also shares Kaepernick’s passion for highlighting social injustice, as he was among the first players to engage in protests during the national anthem by kneeling back during the 2017 NFL season.

Marshall also praised Kaepernick for his ongoing lawsuit alleging collusion among NFL owners to keep him out of the league. On that front, Kaepernick scored a victory thanks to a recent ruling by an arbitrator that denied the NFL’s request to dismiss the case.

“It’s like really historic what he’s doing,” Marshall said of Kaepernick’s legal battle with the league.

Kaepernick of course was the subject of perhaps the biggest, not to mention controversial, story in sports this week due to becoming the star of Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign for the slogan’s 30th anniversary.

Several high-profile athletes, including LeBron James and Tom Brady, showed support for Nike and Kaepernick amid a growing backlash against the new ad.

A commercial starring Kaepernick, along with other superstars of sport, is slated to air during the NFL’s season-opening game Thursday night between the Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons.

Despite condemnations from the likes of President Donald Trump and others, Marshall indicates Kaepernick has been energized by the week’s events.

“I talked to him today and yesterday,” Marshall said. “He’s in high spirits. He’s excited.”

TMZ Sports notes that Marshall wanted to deliver a personal message to his friend as well.

“Keep fighting for what you believe in man. Keep going,” Marshall said of Kaepernick. “You’re doing everything you believe is right.

“Keep rockin’ man, I support you.”