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A’s pitcher Shawn Kelley gashes thumb in dishwashing accident

Oakland Athletics relief pitcher Shawn Kelley fell victim to MLB’s baffling and bizarre injury “curse” when suffering a severe cut to the thumb on his pitching hand in a … dishwashing mishap?

Kelley, acquired from the Washington Nationals last month, revealed the nature of the injury last week, which occurred while washing a sharp knife.

“A really sharp knife, too,” Kelley admitted this week to the San Francisco Chronicle. “It went pretty deep. You know how usually when you cut your finger, it takes a second to start bleeding? This was instant. There was blood everywhere. It wasn’t a fun afternoon.”

Kelley noted last Friday’s accident nearly left him without the tip of his right thumb. Only his nail saved it from such a fate.

“This is why you shouldn’t wash dishes,” joked Kelley, who has been deemed day-to-day due to the mishap.

There of course are no shortage of instances where major leaguers have suffered bizarre injuries involving seemingly mundane activities that have nothing to do with playing baseball. Chicago Cubs closer Brandon Morrow revealed earlier this season that the flareup of back spasms were caused by taking off his pants. Crazy stuff.