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Ohio farm celebrates Francisco Lindor with gigantic corn maze

Fall is in the air, so that can mean only one thing: Sports-themed corn mazes.

The annual corn maze craze has gotten off to a great start comes thanks to Mapleside Farms, based in Brunswick, Ohio. The farm does a corn maze every year and their latest quasi-crop art sought inspiration from beloved Cleveland Indians star Francisco Lindor.

According to a Facebook post from Mapleside Farms, the Lindor corn maze is their biggest one yet.

“We’ve had an incredible string of great teams here in Cleveland over the past 3-4 years and we love the way the Cleveland Indians represent our great city, and specifically how Francisco plays the game with his whole heart and soul,” Mapleside Farms owner Greg Clement wrote in the Facebook post.

It merits noting that some of Mapleside Farms’ previous forays into corn mazes have had a sports-related theme. In 2016, the farm honored the Cavaliers for delivering the region a long-awaited professional sports championship earlier in the year.

In any event, the Lindor tribute certainly is impressive. One could even call it a-maze-ing … or perhaps a-maize-ing … if one were into making such corny jokes.