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Tom Brady ‘likes’ Instagram post about Colin Kaepernick’s Nike deal

Colin Kaepernick’s new deal with Nike to become the face of the company’s “Just Do It” campaign, announced Monday, not surprisingly has ignited a firestorm (both literally and figuratively, as some individuals have taken to burning their Nike gear in protest).

Some of professional sports’ biggest stars, including LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Chris Paul, among others, took to social media to praise Nike’s bold decision to align themselves with the polarizing Kaepernick. Tom Brady can now be added to that list.

As noted by TMZ Sports, the New England Patriots quarterback took to Instagram to “like” a post by GQ in which Kaepernick’s new Nike deal is covered.

As mentioned in TMZ Sports’ tweet, Brady has long been linked to President Donald Trump, who of course is among the most outspoken critics of the national anthem protest movement in the NFL, which was launched by Kaepernick.

Brady has weighed in on the anthem protest issue on several occasions and generally has been able to avoid becoming ensnared in the controversy surrounding it. Brady also had some interesting things to say last year about Kaepernick’s continued NFL unemployment.

Interestingly, Brady’s support of Kaepernick — at least insofar as liking a post about the Nike deal — was not inspired by any semblance of brand loyalty. Brady is not a member of the Nike fraternity, as the Patriots quarterback has had a longstanding partnership with Under Armour.