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LeBron James is Twitter’s most popular NBA player by staggering margin

It hardly should come as a surprise that LeBron James is the most popular NBA player on Twitter. Being the best — not to mention most social media-savvy — basketball player on the planet will do that.

However, the staggering margin by which the Los Angeles Lakers superstar boasts the most Twitter followers over his nearest NBA social media rival is nearly unbelievable.

As noted in a tweet from HoopsHype’s Alex Kennedy, James has 41.3 million Twitter followers. The next NBA star on the list at No. 2 is Kevin Durant, who has 17.3 million followers on Twitter.

Sure, 17.3 million Twitter followers obviously is a huge amount of people hanging on every tweet. But the fact James has 24 million more followers is mind-blowing.

Following James and Durant in the top 5 most popular NBA players on Twitter (according to followers) are as follows: Stephen Curry (12.7 million), Carmelo Anthony (9.1 million) and Dwyane Wade (7.8 million). Chris Paul (7.6 million), Pau Gasol (7.5 million), Dwight Howard (6.8 million), James Harden (5.9 million) and Russell Westbrook (5.7 million) round out the top 10.

James has masterminded the art of cryptic tweet, enjoyed being behind one of the most retweeted tweets of 2017 and has exhibited dominance on social media in the same manner as he routinely shows on the court.

In other words, just like pretty much everything else in the NBA, Twitter is James’ world. Everyone else is just (virtually) living in it.