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Aaron Rodgers on Chicago paper’s trolling tweets: ‘Pretty comical’

Aaron Rodgers has clapped back at the Chicago Tribune over a few recent tweets in which the newspaper trolled the Green Bay Packers quarterback, which presumably stems from the longtime rivalry between the hometown Bears and the Packers.

The first instance occurred when the newspaper referred to Rodgers only as “Danica Patrick’s boyfriend” in a tweet linking to a report earlier this month.

And then the coup de grâce, as it were, came when the paper referred to Rodgers as a “Wisconsin man” only in a tweet about his recent mega-deal with the Packers. The tweet also utilized a photograph of Rodgers donning a goofy get-up, a bit he often employs for the Packers’ annual Welcome Back Luncheon.

Interestingly, Rodgers seems to appreciate the inherent humor of the tweets intentionally not mentioning him by name, albeit in a sarcastic sense, saying, “They are using humor in a way that even I can find comical.”

However, Rodgers nevertheless made note of the Packers’ recent reign of superiority over the Bears when reacting further.

“They’ve done multiple headlines not mentioning [me] by name and I find it all pretty comical,” Rodgers said, via The Athletic. “It is what it is. We’ve beat them a bunch in mine and Favre’s eras over the past 20 years-or-so of Packer football.”

It merits mention that the Tribune was not the only media outlet who trolled Rodgers recently by referring to him as “Danica Patrick’s boyfriend.” That said, the rivalry between the Bears and Packers seems to have upped the ante for Rodgers insofar as it  compelled him to respond in this instance.