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EA Sports making $1M contribution to support ‘Madden’ shooting victims

EA Sports on Wednesday announced the establishment of the Jacksonville Tribute, which in part includes a $1 million contribution to the victims impacted by the shooting at a “Madden” tournament last weekend in Jacksonville, Fla.

A separate fund also has been created as part of the Jacksonville Tribute for those who would like to make outside donations.

“The events last weekend in Jacksonville will impact the gaming community forever,” EA Sports’ statement reads. “We can’t begin to understand the pain so many are going through, nor do we pretend to have all the answers that will help us through the healing process.

“But as is so often the case, our community inspires us. The way you are coming together, and the outpouring of support for all those affected by this tragedy, is incredibly uplifting. We want to join you.”

Taylor Robertson and Elijah Clayton were killed in last weekend’s incident when a gunman opened fire at the tournament. Eleven others in attendance suffered injuries during the shooting, all of which played out during a livestream of the event where shots being fired could be heard.

Along with the $1 million donation to the victims affected by the shooting — and the establishment of a fund for outside donations — EA Sports also announced a Jacksonville Tribute Livestream, which will be held on Thursday, Sept. 6.

“We’ve heard from so many of you that you would like to support the victims, and to show that this horrific event will not define us, but only serve to make our community stronger,” the statement reads. “We’re already working with many of you to help make this happen through the livestream.”

EA Sports CEO Andrew Wilson announced this week the three remaining “Madden Classic” qualifying events would be canceled as security measures and protocols are examined.