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Phil Hughes ripped on Twitter after trashing Fenway, Wrigley

Phil Hughes received some blow back, including from a prominent ESPN personality, on Twitter after trashing Fenway Park and Wrigley Field in a tweet.

The veteran pitcher, currently a free agent after being DFA’d by the San Diego Padres earlier this month, took to Twitter on Tuesday evening to poll his followers about their “most unpopular opinion.”

Wrigley Field and Fenway Park of course are held in high esteem by many fans as iconic reminders of baseball’s yesteryear before modern ballparks with more amenities for fans and players alike came into existence. One such loyalist is none other than ESPN’s John Buccigross, who took Hughes to task over slamming the two beloved ballparks.

Several others called out Hughes for his unfavorable opinion of the classic ballparks. That said, it’s not like Hughes is the first ballplayer to criticize either Wrigley or Fenway over their respective, perceived shortcomings.

Still, people who view the two ballparks with nostalgic reverence not surprisingly take insults directed at Wrigley and Fenway very seriously, even personally. Hughes learned that lesson in short order.