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Manu Ginobili lands job offer from pest control company due to bat incident

Manu Ginobili of course announced his retirement earlier this week after a sterling 16-year career with the San Antonio Spurs. As the 41-year-old Ginobili contemplates what comes next in his life away from the court, a company has devised a way to celebrate a great story from the star’s past with a job offer.

Terminix, one of the nation’s preeminent pest control companies, offered Ginobili a post in its San Antonio branch as a “part-time field technician specializing in bat removal.”

“We’d certainly train you in on alternative methods of bat removal and provide protective gear to ensure safety is prioritized, but the calmness and timing you displayed in that moment aligns well with the skills we need to serve our customers all over San Antonio,” the job offer reads in part.

The mention of Ginobili’s experience in bat wrangling of course is in reference to him famously taking care of business when a bat interrupted a 2009 game in the Spurs’ home building … on Halloween, no less. The fearless forward bravely swatted the bat out of midair, sending it to the ground.

Ginobili later revealed he had to get rabies shots just to be safe after his close encounter with the winged nocturnal mammal. But in the end, Ginobili emerged from his experience no worse for wear.

It merits noting that there already appears to be plans in the works on what could occupy at least some of Ginobili’s time post-retirement. That said, having the fallback option of becoming a pest control specialist is not all that bad, either. Ginobili already knows the ropes to some extent.