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Bill Belichick addresses Alex Guerrero’s role with Patriots

Alex Guerrero continues to be a source of controversy for the New England Patriots. While developments in recent days again brought into question the exact standing Tom Brady’s body coach/business partner has within Patriots organization, Bill Belichick made it clear this week that Guerrero has no official role with the team.

“He’s not a member of the organization,” Belichick said during his weekly radio appearance on WEEI, via NESN. “He works at TB12. I think we’re all aware of that. We have people in our traveling party, some are in the organization, most are, and some aren’t. We have people in various capacities that work with us on gameday, and again, every team has that. We have that too.

“Again, you need some extra people on gameday. Video department, there could be specialty people on the medical staff, security and so forth. We have other people who are — some are full-time, some are let’s call it gameday-type employees because of just higher demands of certain areas on gameday.”

Amid the latest controversy, Guerrero of course previously played a purportedly integral role in the alleged organizational dysfunction plaguing the Patriots that was exposed last season in a bombshell report from ESPN’s Seth Wickersham.

Word surfaced last week that Guerrero was spotted aboard the Patriots’ plane, a significant development given his travel privileges reportedly were revoked last season.

The sensitive nature of the Guerrero situation became glaringly clear on Monday when Brady abruptly ended a radio interview by hanging up when his body coach’s name was mentioned.

Prior to Monday’s more expansive comments on Guerrero’s role with the team, Belichick did not seem interested in opening up a dialogue with the media about the situation.

The Patriots obviously know how to navigate a scandal in a manner that minimizes distraction. Yet, despite the best efforts by all involved, the suspicion that things remain unsettled within the Patriots’ power structure continues to reverberate. The fact that Guerrero’s name continues to generate headlines only confirms it.