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Watch: Browns stadium security practices tackling field invaders

The Cleveland Browns have not given its fans much to cheer about in recent years, going 1-31 over the past two seasons. The team’s sole win in that span of futility did come at FirstEnergy Stadium on Dec. 24, 2016. That said, it’s interesting how security at the team’s home stadium appears to conduct drills to practice the tackling of fans who would choose to invade the field of play.

The Philadelphia Eagles were in Northeast Ohio on Thursday night for a preseason showdown with the hometown Browns. NBC Sports Philadelphia’s John Clark captured footage of security staffers participating in the aforementioned drills.

A nice zinger out of Clark on Browns’ tackling prowess, or lack thereof.

That said, pretty competent, albeit delayed, form by security, although they have a long way to go to match the stunningly quick-fire response of security at Petco Field, the San Diego Padres’ home ballpark.

As far as Thursday’s preseason action is concerned, the pregame drills were far more entertaining than the actual game, as the Browns beat the Eagles by a score of 5-0 in an utterly unwatchable exhibition.

An argument can be forwarded that fans left disgruntled by a team’s woeful performance on the field would be more inclined to make a field rush with the sole inspiration being sheer and exasperated disappointment.

Alternatively, perhaps fans are more apt to become field invaders when getting whipped up in the revelry of winning. It’s likely a little bit of both that ultimately motivates miscreant fans to engage in the act of field trespass.

Either way, the juxtaposition of FirstEnergy Stadium security doing drills to handle such situations and the team’s ineptitude in past years is amusing for some reason. And the tackling joke is a nice one-liner to boot.