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Yu Darvish details in essay how criticism ‘took a toll on me emotionally’

Yu Darvish’s disappointing first season with the Chicago Cubs officially came to an end this week following a diagnosis of a stress reaction in his right elbow. The results of the MRI brought to a close months of frustrating rehabilitation marred by frequent setbacks since last appearing with the Cubs on May 20 with what originally was diagnosed as right triceps tendinitis.

Darvish not surprisingly was the target of criticism from fans, not to mention one outspoken media member, over the protracted recovery process. In an emotional essay posted to his personal blog on Wednesday, Darvish detailed the emotional impact the criticism had upon him throughout his injury ordeal in past months, writing it “took a toll on me emotionally.”

The post was translated from Japanese to English by Twitter user @mikaotx, courtesy of Big League Stew.

“Every morning when I woke up, I would pray, ‘I have to throw today, please let there be no pain.’ Those were very gloomy days,” Darvish wrote. “Meanwhile, the atmosphere around me had become, ‘Is he faking an injury?’, ‘Is it a mental problem?’ Those words made it extremely difficult for me to stop and rest, and it really took a toll on me emotionally.”

Darvish told reporters through an interpreter on Thursday that the diagnosis of a stress reaction in his pitching elbow, while disappointing, left him with some semblance of relief.

“At first, I was told it was a simple tightness, but I always knew there was something else other than the tightness,” Darvish said  at Wrigley Field. “With the diagnosis, I’m relieved to know what that something is.”

The Cubs, not to mention Darvish himself, obviously expected a lot more after coming to terms on a six-year, $126 million deal ahead of spring training. As frustrating as it may have been for fans and baffling to pundits, Darvish without question probably felt the disappointment more than anyone.

After all, this is not the first time Darvish has been remarkably candid about the impact things of this nature have upon him.